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  • Is jewelry included with the piercing fee price?
    Yes! If you do not wish to purchase jewelry for your new piercing, we do include basic surgical steel jewelry with the service fee price.
  • Do you offer discounts on multiple piercings?
    Yes! You will recive $10 off per piercing when you get 2 or more. i.e. one earlobe piercing is $50 and two earlobe piercings are $80
  • Do you accept credit cards in shop?
    Yes we do! You can pay for any piercing service or jewelry 100% with a credit card. However for tattoo or microblade service you must pay at least 70% in cash.
  • Are all your services available by appointment only?
    Currently yes, we are a by appointment only studio. However our piercer does take walk-ins in between his appointments on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
  • Are follow ups free?
    Yes! Follow ups are always free!
  • Do you have real? Because I'm allergic to fake.
    Yes! We carry a wide range of 14K gold, implant grade titanium, and 316L surigcal grade steel jewelry.


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